The Impossible Conversation

Picture1-home“There is absolutely no excuse for making our passionate love for the world dependent on what we believe the outcome will be: whether life continues on or not. In this uncertainty, we come alive.” ~ Joanna Macy

This website is part of the body of work of Dean Spillane Walker – all of which is intended to offer powerful tools and a safe container for the courageous work that all of us face in these challenging times.

Dean and his many allies in what he calls, The Fierce Grace Alliance, are aligned that humanity is facing its most daunting challenge and precious few of us are in any way prepared for that challenge.

The offerings (Coaching, Consulting, Live Workshops, Online Learning Content, Vetted Alternative Sober News Sources) are all designed to be as powerful, inspiring, safe and effective as possible. Each offering is intended to Reconnect us to our Deeper Selves, to Each Other and to Earth herself.

We are asserting that humanity has landed itself in this global predicament by, both individually and collectively, disconnecting from Self, Others and Earth.  The resistance and denial that we are collectively showing to date – indicates just how fiercely we are resisting paying the price of generations of profligate spending of fossil fuels and other finite resources and utter disregard for living within the natural limits of the biosphere in which we live.

We are offering the most powerful tools and information we can find to assist in the individual and collective existential transition we all face.  While any intelligent person will see external aspects of their lives to prepare for what promises to be a particularly unforgiving predicament – the majority of the work of The Impossible Conversation and the Fierce Grace Alliance involves our inner preparations.

Western-Developed cultures have a rather well known set of ‘Weak Suits’ in how we conduct ourselves and our Human Operating Systems.  There are certain things we just down play, deny or avoid, mostly because we have found that attending to these features tends to slow down or interfere with the profit-driven, hyper-speed, extraction of resources we call normal.

A few examples of our collective ‘Weak Suits’:

  • Grief and expressing a full range of human emotions.
  • We are masterful at denying aspects of ourselves and then wondering ‘innocently’ why all of these horrible things keep happening to us.
  • Experiencing ourselves as directly inter related to other human beings around the world.
  • Experiencing ourselves as directly inter related to other beings and indeed all life systems on Earth. We live in and are intimately connected to all Earth, life systems.
  • Experiencing ourselves as the remarkable, wise beings that we are. In order to thrive in our existing Human Operating System we have had to ‘dumb down’ our own inner sensitivities and wisdom. How else could we have arrived at this brink at which we vilify long standing science, reward horrific inequities in wealth and wellbeing around the world, leave unquestioned our warring culture which is the core of our national economy – as we now continuously plan discretionary wars.

We are asserting that one essential element of any plan to slow down our eco-cidal ways is to lean into, to learn our way into mastery of those Weak Suits.

This really is the nature of The Impossible Conversation.  To individually and collectively choose a new way of being and operating on Earth.  To consciously generate a new Human Operating System – one that is based on Reconnecting with our own, Deeper Selves, Others and Earth.

The Impossible Conversation and the Fierce Grace Alliance are committed allies in producing resources for:

  • Expanding Core Capacities and Awareness.
  • Accessing unbiased, vetted, useful news and relevant data.
  • Reconnecting with Self, Others and Earth.
  • Providing Transformational Learning Content and Experiences for individuals and organizations around the world.
  • Providing Safe Containers, Learning Environments that are free from the hellish, circus-like environment that is the ‘normal’ conversation on the street about our shared crises and predicament.
  • Bringing a consistent encouragement of individual and global change efforts fueled by ever deepening connection with Self, Others and Earth – Including accessing the immense Grace that awaits those who are willing to intentionally break their hearts open to fully feel th
    e truth of our world in the moment.
  • This is a time like no other humanity has experienced. There is a calling. We are called to bring our love and attention to this miraculous inter-related biosphere and to all other beings like never before.TIC-heart
  • Those who heed the call will develop their inner metal, a sense of Fierce Grace, with which to engage the world. We cannot war or consume our way out of this one. We will only succeed if we break our hearts open together and Reconnect ourselves with the rich rhythms and dynamics of the systems in which we live.
  • We are asserting that the first step in many peoples’ paths will be to reach out to speak with others about what we love and our concerns about our world. This, we would say is the first of 10,000 Impossible Conversations.

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